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Oct 12, 2012 1:00pm PDT
! [ bleep ]! >> this big, huge guy in a red shirt who cbs-13 says is a coach comes over and bull rushes a crowd of people, hits another coach and it looks like a woman as well. >> and then immediately after that, all hell breaks loose. you see a fight now between two women. you hear one woman say, where's my son? >> where's my son? oh! >> damn. >> talking about youth football game here. as an adult, you can't overreact like this. cbs-13 did catch up with one of the parents of a grant player. >> a lot of the kids, i'm sure, don't have all their parents in their lives and are looking at these coaches to be their role models and an example, and then something like this happens. >> this has gotten ridiculous. that person should be banned from kids' sports. >> the coach has the responsibility for their safety and here he's inciting everyone else to also get in on the fight. >> this big guy in the red shirt took out a number of people. no serious injuries were reported. >>> middle of the day, crowded store, one dude decides -- >> don't mind me. i'm just going to steal this stuff and i'
Oct 14, 2012 1:30am PDT
tight end in the nation according to cbs otten caught his first touchdown pass of the season in the spartans game at san diego state. despite this attention otten remains focused on completing what is so far a successful season. ">>>"yeah i didn't know about that but uh, that's awsome and it's exciting. i'm not too worried about that right now just trying to do what i can to help the team win right now."" otten will try and keep up his stellar play through the season hoping to raise his draft status so he can potentially be drafted into the national football league. thats it for the happenings in sports this week guys, back to you! thanks tyler! awesome stuff! yeah good stuff, thanks tyler. that'll do it for now. thanks for watching. be sure to check us out on facebook and twitter by searching 's-j-s-u update news.' now get some rest so we can see you again next week.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2